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WSET Courses in Gothenburg, Sweden

What is WSET?

WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust), established in 1969 in the UK, is nowadays the worldwide point of reference for wine education in the wine and spirits business. Its courses inspire the world´s wine and spirits professionals and passionate wine enthusiasts, providing a special focus on an international wine knowledge and a very practical and objective approach to the analysis and evaluation of wines and spirits.

WSET qualifications start from a very basic, but complete course and end with the prestigious Diploma Level 4 Award in Wines, considered the required step to entry the Master of Wine programme. Each course level requires a self-study time alongside the classroom delivery, which becomes more intense and demanding according to the different course levels. At the end of each course, a final examination must be sit in order to receive the WSET Certificate related to each course. If you want to know more about the WSET, visit the WSET website.

The Good Wine Habit has been recognised to offer the following WSET qualifications in Gothenburg, Sweden, as an official WSET Approved Programme Provider:

This fun and entertaining course is addressed to novice wine enthusiasts and to professionals starting their new career in wine or hospitality. You will learn to describe wine in an easy, but structured way through sight, smell and taste thanks to a systematic approach and you will be able to identify the main styles of wine.

A well-structured introductory course for beginners to build up your confidence and knowledge in the spirits world. You will be able to understand the basic principles of spirits production, name the main categories and types of spirits, their ingredients and their key characteristics, and to know and use the common equipment and rules for their storage and service.

This course is addressed to wine enthusiasts and professionals who have either no or basic knowledge about wines and grape varieties. An engaging and informative course, to explore the major important wine regions and denominations that define the world´s key styles of wine.

A beginner-to-intermediate level qualification addressed to spirits professionals and enthusiasts aiming at getting a comprehensive knowledge in spirits and liqueurs and willing to take on job skills and expertise in the field. You will get the right confidence to provide guidance on the use and service of spirits and to recommend your customers. A knowledge to apply in bar service, in retail and wholesaling businesses.

This course represents an advanced level of qualification for wine enthusiasts with a solid knowledge about wine and professionals working in wine business, communication and marketing who need to strengthen and broaden their international view.  

What our students tell about us:

"It’s been a real pleasure taking the WSET Level 2 in Wines course with Tommasella and The Good Wine Habit. Having wine as an interest, we wanted to broaden our knowledge about wine and take it to the next level. Even as enthusiastic amateurs without working in the industry, the WSET Level 2 course was a perfect balance of practical and theoretical knowledge and gives you even more interest to pursue the world of wine, as well as being able to truly read a wine list."

Jonas Fäldt and Martin Rodelius
WSET Level 2 in Wines Students

"A combination of teaching quality and warm and personalized atmosphere. Tommasella is a real professional who loves her job, I highly recommend The Good Wine Habit for a wine lover student of any level."

Emilija Bogdanovičiūtė
WSET Level 2 in Wines Student
"The WSET Level 1 course offered by The Good Wine Habit was pleasant, engaging, and informative. I leave the course extremely eager to pursue further study within the program."
Jonathan Borchardt
WSET Level 1 in Wines Student
"Not only the Level 1 course taught me the basics - how to taste wine and pair it with food, how to store and serve wine - it also ignited an interest to keep learning about it. In addition, the information provided in the course is rich on small details, aspects I have never thought of, that actually make a big difference."
Rostyslav Skrypnyk
WSET Level 1 in Wines Student

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